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Mineral Application Tips & Tricks

All of the mineral makeup powders are from the same basic ingredients (except for the color): they do not fight each other - they strengthen each other to do three things: Accent the Good, Hide the Bad, and protect against the Sun. They can be used in any order that creates the color combination necessary to produce those three things.

Experiment! Have some fun with the colors and don't be afraid to try different combinations - You may be surprised to find that "Perfect Look" is from colors you would have NEVER considered before!


Very easy to apply! Take your kabuki brush (or other) and dip it into the powders. Swirl your brush in the lid and gently tap off any excess powder on the edge of your lid with brush bristles pointed upward. This action will settle the powders into the bristles. Then, starting at the outer edge of your face near your jaw, begin buffing the foundation into your skin in a circular motion, applying some pressure. You don't want to begin at the center of your face, or the powders will get into your lines and creases. Continue applying LIGHT layers (heavy layers will look too cakey) until satisfactory coverage is reached. If you still have a few spots that need covering, just take your concealer brush, dip into powders, and apply to necessary areas. Foundation can be worn alone or with finishing powder if you desire a different look.

Finishing Powders

You can achieve very different looks by applying various finishing powders. Take your powder brush, kabuki or brush of choice, lightly dip in powder, swirl in lid, and tap off excess. Apply to desired areas. You can also use a shadow, concealer or foundation brush to apply heavier coats to certain areas. (ie: extra Oil Away to the nose area or Whisper Glow for shimmering eyes!)


Take your kabuki or powder brush and dip in powders. (You can also use a cotton ball). Pick up a TINY amount (unless you're using Sun can use more of this color) and swirl in lid. Tap off excess to settle powder into bristles. Apply to cheeks, forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired, swirling in a circular motion.


To apply blush, simply dip your kabuki or other brush into powders, swirl in lid, and tap off excess so the powders nestle into the bristles. You only want to use TINY amounts of these blushes! Swirl on apples of cheeks and over forehead, nose, chin and shoulders as desired.


You can apply these powders all over, using a buffing and swirling technique, or you can dip a small brush into the powders and apply to certain areas for spot coverage as needed. Use light coats!!!


Eye Shadow - Take your eye shadow brush, lightly dip in powders (most of these are quite intense) and apply over your lids or to the crease of your lids for a contouring effect. For a different look, try wet application; mix the powder with a touch of water and then apply to your lids. Some of the colors change slightly when wet so you get more variety!


Eyeliner - Take your eyeliner brush, lightly dip in powders and apply to edge of eyes as desired. You can also apply these powders wet. Simply mix a little water with your powder in the lid, dip brush in and apply.


Blush - Simply dip your powder brush or cotton ball into powder, swirl in lid and apply to cheeks.


You can also mix the powders with your favorite nail polish,
hair gel, shower gel, lotion, etc..
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