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Help Choosing Colors

How to choose a Foundation Color

Our Foundations have two color names. The First word denotes an overall Tone family. The Second word is an adjective to describe which shade of that particular tone. Pick your Tone family... then pick your shade(s) of that tone...

Tone Family

Fairest, Fairly Light & Barely Taupe : For the lightest of skin tones. Fairest is VERY pale...almost white. Fairly Light is halfway between Fairest and Neutral Light. Barely Taupe is halfway between Fairest and Taupe Light.

Coming Soon New Crimson: decidedly pinkish red!

Rose: Light Rose and Medium rose have pink undertones, while Tan Rose and Deep Rose have pinkish red undertones.

Taupe: strongly balanced, almost flat brown tone - Beige. If we could go back in time to when we started, this would have been our "neutral".

Cafe: half way between Neutral and Taupe

Neutral: balanced undertones leaning more toward yellow

Champagne: More Robust Balanced undertones (both pink and yellow)

Warm: Golden peachy undertones, for those of you with warmer skintones.

Olive: Strong yellow undertones for certain Hispanics, Asians and other ethnicities

Mystique: Just plain fine-china white - ghost-ly, vampire pale

Note: All of these Tones can be altered with Finish Powders to make them appear a bit more pink, peach, or golden


Fairest & Fairly Light : These should only be used by those with the lightest of skin tones. Fairest is very pale...almost white. Fairly Light is halfway between Fairest and Neutral Light.

Light: These shades have a small amount of coloring to them with varying undertones. Wear one of these shades if you have some coloring but are not tan at all.

Medley: Half-way shade between LIght and Medium.

Medium: These shades have a good amount of coloring to them. Wear one of these colors if you tan slightly, have natural coloring to your skin, or are pale and use a sunless tanner.

Ferrago: Half-way shade between Medium and Tan.

Tan: These shades are for those skin tones with strong coloring, or for light-colored  African American skin.

Deep: These shades should be used by the darker of skin tones.

Twilight: These shades should be used by the darkest of skin tones.

Go to our Foundation Colors

Different Darker Shades of Foundation make wonderful Contour Colors!
They can also put life back in to lack-luster eyebrows!!

Choosing a Finishing / Face Powder

Finish Powders can alter the overall color of your foundation by adding a pinkish, peachish or golden tint as well as a matte or glow finish. Use a Bronzer if you want more "suntan" with your foundation.

Kiss - A light, creamy translucent powder that gives a matte finish.

Whisper Glow - very pale golden for the lightest of skin tones or an overall golden glow.

Finishing Pink - A creamy pink mica blend finish that diffuses light for a translucent flawless magic radience.

Finish Matte - Smooth translucent powder that absorbs oil and gives a matte finish.

Mineral Veil Pink - An oil absorbing translucent base under peach-pink mica blend. Matte Finish. Very similar to nationally advertised "Veil".

Oil Away™/OylAway™ - See explanation in CoverUps/Correctors below.

SuprSun™ & FunrSun - natural minerals to apply Before Exposure to the sun. Also available in two tinted shades.

Go to our Finishing/ Face Powders

Choosing a CoverUp or Corrector and what is the difference?

CoverUp and Corrector Minerals give intense coverage for those little imperfections (that we all have!) while providing a matte finish and absorbing oil. They work on minor skin imperfections, redness, dark circles, blemishes, bruises and even-out skin tones.

CoverUp Minerals come in a variety of flesh tones and are also known by other names of Concealer, Bisque, Multi-tasking, Multi-Task. Many use a 'lighter' shade than normal of coverup for additional help with undereye darkness.

Porcelain CoverUp - our Very Palest shade CoverUp Mineral for Very Fair Skintones

Light CoverUp - a pale shade CoverUp Mineral for Light Skintones

Demi CoverUp - A Half-way shade between Light and Medium

Medium CoverUp - A medium shade suitable for suitable for most

Dark CoverUp - deeper shade for definitely Darker Skintones

Corrector Minerals come in a variety of "other" colors for 'more specific' blemish problems

Green Corrector - tones down Redness from pimples, scars, rosacea, acne, sunburn, broken capillaries

Yellow Corrector - for under-eye gray, also covers dark colored bruises, cancels red.

Lavender Corrector - evens out (cancels) yellow skintones

Blue Corrector - also known as anchorwoman blue, an undereye corrector for those who can't/shouldn't wear yellow. Helps neutralize Orange from sunless tanning

Soft Green Corrector - same benefits as Green Corrector but a lighter shade for paler skintones.

Soft Yellow Corrector - same benefits as Yellow Corrector but a lighter shade for paler skintones.

Pink Corrector - brightens sallow complexions, evens out yellow bruising

Apricot Corrector (Salmon, Peach) - warms yellow complexions and sallow skin tones, cancels blue.

Backlight Pearl Corrector -The Creamiest, Dreamiest, Premium Angel Eye Primer Corrector CoverUp Illuminator Concealer Eyeprimer! Brightens 'tired old eyes' like no other.

Oil Away™/OylAway™ - Pure ground clay that will eliminate any traces of excess oil on your skin. Since it is most often applied lightly Over All before foundation, it is also listed with the Finish Powders.

Go to our CoverUp/Correctors

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