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Who is Premium Minerals?

Dear Friends,

I have been hearing a lot about rising prices and "sales" lately! The current economy is a bit scarey and people are not spending without serious thought or need.

In response to the slower sales, a great many companies are raising their prices.
When that does not make up for the lost dollars, they run a "Sale" which looks nice on the screen but it merely lets you buy at the old price or even a bit higher. How many sites have you seen with EVERYTHING on SALE !

Here at Premium Minerals Inc, we do not have phoney "Sales"... just low everyday prices: with no auto-shipments or expensive shipping fees to worry about.
New arrivals at our site even question our low prices... They believe that these "just can't be real". But, those of you who have been with us for awhile know that they are very true and that we work very hard to maintain them.

We shall continue to do so and look forward to a solid year - thanks to all of you!

Sincerely yours,

Gad, that blinking "sale" is annoying!

Premium Minerals Inc was founded to provide a cost effective source for mineral makeup and supplies. Our line of products contains only the purest, finest cosmetic ingredients available - just without the expensive overhead of fancy packages and national advertising campaigns. The savings is passed directly on to our customers.

We combine those savings with very Personal Customer Service and the fastest possible shipping. And, unlike other companies, you do NOT have to sign up for auto-ship or auto-refill subscriptions or make a large first purchase! You have the freedom to purchase What YOU want, When YOU want it!

Our customers loved our approach to mineral makeup and we quickly out grew our location in Iowa. We acquired 30+ acres in the Missouri Ozarks on which we can spread out our operations. We have finished remodeling an existing building which we doubled the size and we have plans for another new building.

Our Ozark home provides a picturesque work environment literally in a "Forest" of Trees! Just a simple walk between buildings is inspiring with all the plants and wildlife. Countless birds and animals live in the glorious assortment of Oak, Hickory, Dogwood, Sassafras and Eastern Red Cedar. However the ice storms have taken a serious toll on the woods. It is very difficult to adequately describe incredible amounts of branches, limbs and whole trees damaged by the ice. Clean-up is slow, hard work. And the removal leaves gaping holes in the forest. In spring 2008 we were able to replant 160 trees and spring 2009 saw an additional 190 planted. We average an additional 75-100 every year since. Spring 2018 will see 250 trees planted on a new field we acquired. Your continued use of Premium Minerals products will help us combat global warming!

Did you know? A single tree can absorb as much as 48 pounds of carbon dioxide per year and can remove 1 ton of carbon dioxide by the time it reaches 40 years old.     Want to plant your own Tree?

A deep rooted love of nature and all things natural drives us here at Premium Minerals.
We were "green" LONG BEFORE it became 'the chic thing to do'.
And we will continue to do so.
We believe it is possible to look our very best without harming our world or ourselves.
And we are committed to continue providing products that do just that.
At Peace with Nature
Walk with Nature and leave a small footprint!
- Deb

*           *           *

Premium Minerals originally started as a division of Personally Yours which has been in business since 1993, buying and selling on the Internet since 1995 and on Ebay since 1998. Working primarily in web site design and hosting, Personally Yours is the founder of the Farmgirl.Net group of family-friendly websites dedicated to honesty, integrity and freedom on the internet, and to the promotion of all that is "good" about the Internet.

If you have Any questions or comments, please contact us. We'd love to hear from you!

©Premium Minerals Inc

Long Lane MO

. Giving Back to Nature Made on a MAC No Spam!

"Honesty, Integrity and Freedom on the Internet."
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